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MEMBERSHIP Information

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Why Join?

5 Ways Association Membership can Help You and Your Business Prosper:

  1. Network with fellow Locksmiths and Vendors - You get the opportunity to share knowledge, tips, and tricks to grow and improve your business.
  2. Stay Connected - TLA distributes Texas Occupations Code & Texas Administrative Code updates to our membership regularly. These laws that regulate locksmiths in Texas - if you don’t know them, you may be breaking them.
  3. Receive continuing education and ongoing training - 16 CEU’s every two years are required to maintain your locksmith endorsement with DPS.
  4. Band Together -TLA works to ensure the interests of Texas locksmiths are considered when working with DPS & the State.
  5. Save Money - Membership in TLA can get you DISCOUNTS with our associate members, training, and continuing education.


Membership Application 

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Click here to print application. Application can be emailed, mailed, or faxed to the information on the form. 


There are 5 Levels of Membership in the Texas Locksmith Association:

  • Level 1: Regular. To qualify for regular membership an individual shall meet all requirements for locksmith registration if required by Texas law and:
    1. Be at least eighteen (18) years of age and have at least six (6) months experience in locksmith work or;
    2. Be an registered owner or manager of a licensed locksmith shop or;
    3. Have received training in this profession either through an accredited school or through on-the-job training by an accredited locksmith and be actively engaged as a professional locksmith.
    4. TLA members who have retired from the locksmith trade may continue their membership without being registered as provided they no longer practice locksmithing.
    5. Provisional regular membership may be granted if registration has been applied for but not yet granted by the state. Provisional membership will be reviewed by the board at each quarterly board meeting to determine if state registration has been granted and the provisional membership converted to a regular membership. If the registration has been denied or blocked, the provisional membership will be canceled.

      A provisional membership may be continued at the discretion of the board if the denial of registration is being appealed. No refund of dues and assessment will be granted in the event a registration is denied. 

  • Level 2: Apprentice. To qualify for apprentice membership an individual shall be at least twelve (12) years of age and a dependent of a regular or life TLA member. An apprentice member shall automatically become a regular member upon age eighteen (18) providing that apprentice membership status has been maintained and that member is actively engaged in locksmith work and received locksmith registration if required by Texas Law.
  • Level 3: Associate. To qualify for associate membership an individual or business firm shall be approved and pay the fees set by the TLA Board of Directors, herein after referred to as BOD.
  • Level 4: Honorary. To qualify for honorary membership an individual member shall: 1. Have provided exemplary contributions and service to TLA; 2. Be selected by the BOD.
  • Level 5: Life. To qualify for life membership a member may be selected by the BOD and have been:
    1. A member in good standing for a minimum of ten (10) years and have provided exemplary service to TLA by serving on the BOD, on committees education and/or TLA road show program; instructing; volunteering; being an ambassador and recruiter for TLA; or
    2. A member in good standing for a minimum of fifteen (15) years of continuous membership and at least 65 years of age or will reach 65 years of age during the calendar year of selection.
    3. There shall be no more than three (3) members selected each year.

Membership Application

Click here to submit membership application electronically.

Click here to print application. Application can be emailed, mailed, or faxed to information on the form.